Buying a pre-owned truck can be a pretty smart move if you want to own a bold adventure machine without breaking the bank. For one thing, it can leave you a little leftover money for aftermarket upgrades to personalize your pickup just the way you want. But there’s actually no need to make that part of a separate deal, where first you have to buy the truck, then you have to either spend your own time and effort installing custom components or waste hours trying to find someone you trust to do it for you.


Buying used custom trucks from Own A Car Fresno is one of the easiest ways ever to enjoy a truly unique vehicle that’s been upgraded by experienced professionals with top-name components from aftermarket brands you trust.

Here’s how the process works: First, you pick out one of the high-quality used trucks we have in our inventory. These are all carefully selected to be in great shape, and our team thoroughly inspects each one for safety. They’re priced fairly, too, for significant savings compared to new trucks. For example, the cost of a one-year-old truck typically undercuts the price of a brand-new version by some 20%, reducing your outlay by thousands of dollars. The depreciation clock then keeps ticking for additional savings as time goes on.

Next, once you’ve picked out your truck, we’ll help you to choose the components you want to create your mobile masterpiece. While our highly skilled technicians install your parts, you can then finalize the deal with smart financing that wraps the cost of your truck and its new components into one easy payment. Speaking of which, our used custom trucks are available with down payments as low as $500 — even if you have bad credit.

It’s all part of a shopping experience you can only get at Own A Car Fresno!