You may have heard some vehicles called SUVs and some others referred to as Crossovers and often wondered what is the difference, let’s take a look!

It all comes down to the frame: Unibody Frame vs Ladder Frame

An SUV is on a Ladder Frame, which is a body-on-frame system. Which is a frame that resembles a ladder structure. Early on, all vehicles were built this way. This method makes for a rigid platform, which helps to increase your towing and hauling capabilities. Normally, these types of vehicles will also have high ground clearance. SUVs are always Rear Wheel Drive and will sometimes come with a system to put the vehicle into Four Wheel Drive, other than their Crossover counterparts which are All Wheel Drive capable.

So, how is a Crossover attached to their frame you might ask? They are a Unibody. With the advancement of technology over the years, automakers started manufacturing the body and frame as a single structure. Making it more cost-effective but also lighter and able to add in more safety features that are built into the frame.

In short, you have to decide what your SUV/Crossover needs are. Will you be towing a boat every weekend? Or just enjoying the ease of more space for the kiddos? The choice is yours to make!