Conserving water? Just don’t feel like dealing with water spots after rinsing your vehicle off? Try using a rinseless wash product! Here’s how:

First, check to see how dirty your vehicle is. Caked with mud is not a great rinseless candidate! If you are in that situation, you just need to get the majority of the dirt/mud off first before applying the product.

Many rinseless washes on the market are 1 oz to 2 gallons of water, but be sure to check the instructions on the specific product you have.

The safest way to wash your car at home is the 2 bucket method. This helps keep any contaminants from getting on your clean car. You will have one bucket for rinsing and one for washing. Dipping your wash mitt into the washing bucket with the solution first, and working top-down on your vehicle. When it is time to rinse your mitt off, do it in the rinse bucket to keep your wash water clean.

Start by pouring your rinseless wash product into your bucket of water. Take your wash mitt and work one section at a time on your vehicle, from the top down to make sure you are not getting any panels you have already washed re-wet.

Wipe the wash mitt gently cleaning your section, then dry that panel off and move to the next section. Always make sure you are using car wash-safe products for all these processes. Microfiber mitts and cloths are a great option. You do not want any rough towels as they will scratch your paint.

This method keeps you from having to drag out the garden hose for any pre-rinse or rinse. Plus many have wax right in the mix so you are saving even more time.

You can also skip the water altogether with a water-less auto wash product. With this, you just spray the bottle of cleaner onto your car directly and wipe it clean, flip the towel over and buff it dry.

Both styles of products are great if you are short on water and time! Check some options out below!

Rinseless Products:

Waterless Products: