Luckily in this day and age, technology is everything! As the electric/hybrid vehicle market expands, so does the tech behind it. There are many websites as well as Apps that you can go to that help you find your nearest charging station! Let’s take a look at a few now!


PlugShare is a website that makes finding your next charging station easy! They list stations, worldwide! Plus if you know of a new station that isn’t on their map, you can add it! .

Check them out!


The U.S. Department of Energy also supplies a great website for searching for charging stations as well as alternative fuel stations, such as nitrogen, biodiesel, propane, and more!

Click the photo above to be taken to their website! Or click



Some popular Apps for finding a charging station are:






EV Hotels


Open Charge Map

and of course, if you own a Tesla, you will absolutely want their Tesla App!


Visit your favorite App Store and see what best fits you!