I’m sure at some point during 2020 so far you have felt a little stressed or anxious, if you haven’t, can you please share your tips?! Let’s go over some tips to help relieve or deal with the stress and anxiety that can come from living through a global pandemic.

We all know children can be resilient, but be sure to check on them during these times. See if they have questions about any of the new unknown things that have come up. Do your best to answer them. If you can’t answer, be sure to reach out to someone who can. The fear of the unknown can be quite powerful, especially for little minds.

Nearly everyone reacts differently to stress. Some may lash out, some withdraw, some may start using coping mechanisms, some of which could be harmful. So be sure to check in on your quiet friends and family. Just see how they are and if they need anything. Let them know you are here for them, maybe even open up about your feelings, which could lead them to discuss their own.

Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress, as well as keep you healthy and strong. Set goals for yourself, join an online gym community, or even start a virtual workout group of your own to help each other stay accountable. If you aren’t able to exercise regularly, at least try to eat healthily. Being in good health is key during these times, and always for that matter! Plus it really helps your mood to eat healthily and exercise!

Take news breaks. We know, the news is everywhere, in your face on your cell phone, on your social media, tv, etc. But try to limit your time spent reading and listening to it. Cluttering your brain with the fear that the news tends to give out just makes your mental health decline. Set a time once a day to catch up on the essentials, then turn it off.

Get into a new TV series or a book! Use this time to expand your mind and learn some new things!

Make sure to keep to a good sleep schedule. With many of us working from home it can be hard to fall asleep after staring at a computer all day. Make sure to have Blue Light Blocking computer glasses, those really do help I’ve personally noticed! Also, try to end screen time at least 2 hours before bedtime to give your brain some time to unwind.