So far in 2020 we have all had to make some pretty big adjustments to our normal life. With Halloween coming up quickly, we are offering a list of some tips and tricks to make your night safer for all!


If you would prefer not directly handing out candy or using some sort of chute system, you could always create a fun/creepy maze, graveyard, or anything else you can think of, right in your front yard! Sit on your porch and explain one kid or kiddos from the same family in at the same time and they go through and find candy that is hidden or placed throughout the yard.

Along the same lines as the front yard candy run, if you have a fence or even a large bush you could attach candy to it for an easy grab and go treat!


Many stores are selling Halloween themed and fabric so you could add this to your costume! That way you can safely distribute some candy to the little monsters!

We have all gotten pretty used to virtual meetings these days, how about hosting a virtual costume party!


Make a Mayday style treat bag full of Halloween goodies and drop them at your neighbor’s doors!

Have you ever seen those grabber wands/tools? Whether they are little hands or monster teeth, you can use these to hand out candy, touch-free!

If you and your neighbors want to team up, you could go all out and make a drive-thru haunted house!


Here is a list of upcoming Halloween events in the Fresno Area! CLICK HERE! 



Whatever you decide – Stay safe and try to have a Happy Halloween!!