Do you ever feel like you put off vehicle maintenance because of the cost? Have you ever thought about learning how to do it yourself? Let’s go over some user-friendly things you can do to save some $$!

Coolant Changes. Believe it or not, that coolant doesn’t last forever! Learning how to change it yourself could save you some hard-earned cash and keep your car issue free! Worn out coolant can lead to issues with your water pump, radiator, and heater core, all of which have a hefty price tag attached to them and their service usually! Reader’s Digest supplied a simple step by step guide HERE to help you tackle this project!

Cleaning Your Headlights. Have you noticed your headlights aren’t projecting as well and look a little dingy lately? You can fix this! There are headlight restoration kits on the market, as well as some DIY hacks floating around the internet, some involving toothpaste, that sometimes work great!

Cleaning Battery Terminals. Corrosion on your battery terminals/cables can cause strain on your charging system and can lead to you being stranded. The best way to avoid that is to keep them clean. Auto part stores sell a terminal cleaner tool that makes this process really quick and easy! Be sure to check the cables and make sure they are not needing to be replaced while you are there!

Oil Changes. Sometimes oil changes can really add up, especially if you put a lot of miles on. Doing some research and learning how to do this task yourself could save you a lot! You will need a ratchet, oil filter wrench, oil pan, and funnel to get started, these will be one time purchases and will pay for themselves over time! I find it best to check your owner’s manual for your exact vehicle to see what type of oil and filter you require, and it should show how to do it, if not this is where the internet is your friend!

There are many more things you could learn to do yourself to save some $$, sit down and list the maintenance items you are having to do regularly and decide if that is something you want to learn how to do or leave it to the mechanics!


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