Dealerships haven’t let a global pandemic stop them from being there for their consumers when they need a new car. They have added new methods to help you, as well as them, stay safe. Let’s see how it works!

The first step to buying a vehicle from the comfort of your home is to do plenty of research and communicate with dealerships. Once you find that vehicle that catches your eye you should reach out to the dealer to see what their online buying options are. Many, during these times, are extremely flexible in this area. Be sure to ask what precautions they take with test drives and delivery of vehicles as well, such as sanitizing.

Can I still test drive? Yes, you absolutely can and it is highly recommended! Communication comes into play again here. Once you are ready for a test drive, get back in contact with the dealership and let them know. They may offer a service that would bring the vehicle directly to your location to do so. You could also set up an appointment to do this where it would have very minimal contact involved.

Price negotiations. Of course, you can still negotiate your price. You can do this via email, phone, or however you prefer. Be sure to look over offers carefully and make your needs or wants clear. Including any extras or fees.

The signing of paperwork. Most states require to have this part done in person, but if that is the only thing you see another human being for that’s doing pretty darn good! This process will be socially distanced and safe. Be sure before you head in for signing day that you have secured financing and have a plan in place to reduce the risk of having to come back.


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