In most newer car models you can safely stay connected to your device while keeping your eyes on the road ahead. Here we go over some of those options!

Many car manufacturers are working to make their own individual infotainment systems, such as Ford Sync, OnStar, etc. However, Apple CarPlay by Apple and Android Auto by Google was developed to provide a universal option, regardless of which vehicle you are driving.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto require your smartphone to provide the connected features and usually are an in-dash touch screen set up.

If you have an older model vehicle you can even purchase a double-DIN system to fit and give you smartphone connectivity on your older model! Remember, the service will only be as good as your cell service!

You can take it one step further and pay for a subscription service and get Hybrid connectivity and the best of both worlds. That type of system would have your smartphone for infotainment and music streaming while getting the always-connected embedded radio for automatic crash detection, wifi hotspots, local searches, and more. An example is Chryslers Uconnect system.

When buying your next vehicle or even just upgrading your current system, be sure to think of what you will need most and what you really don’t need while your driving.


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