During these times you may not want to venture out further than your hometown, and that’s OK! Here are some ideas to make your Staycation great!

  • One big tip for enjoying a staycation is putting the phone away! This keeps you in the moment and from being sucked into a post on social media!

  • Have a Spa Day! Whether you are into face masks or simply cutting up a cucumber for your eyes, wrap up in a robe and set out to pamper yourself! You deserve it!

  • Get the family into the kitchen and host a cook-off! Create new foods that may become staples!

  • Jump in the car and go explore! Your hometown is sure to have some hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered! Get out there and take in the sights!

  • Feel like camping? Pitch a tent in the backyard and make a night of it! Pop some popcorn and make smores to make it a perfect evening! You can even make a blanket fort inside the house for some indoor camping instead!

  • Have kids? Have them put on a talent show for you! You could have prizes, snacks or the winner picks dinner, the list could go on!