Here are some tips for staying safe and planning a road during the Covid-19 pandemic

Route Planning – You may already do this every time you are setting out on an adventure, however, make sure to dig a little deeper this time to avoid any road closures and any changes to rest area stops.

Packing for Your Trip – Unless you are a germaphobe at heart, you may have to remember to pack sanitizing supplies this time around! Remember though, if you are visiting somewhere quite hot, to take the hand sanitizer out of the car when you make stops to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Be sure to keep hands washed and surfaces in the car that are touched wiped down as well!

Plan Out Meal Stops – With many states starting to allow dine-in service, be sure to check ahead anyway. Your favorite roadside restaurant may only be carryout only, so be sure to plan ahead. After driving long hours no one wants to eat a meal in the car too! Look for roadside parks or attractions to get out and stretch your legs and have a little picnic.

Hotels – Be sure to double-check your reservation! You definitely don’t want to arrive at a closed suddenly hotel while you are sleepy with cranky tired kiddos in the back!


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