Automotive maintenance can be a hassle sometimes, especially if there is nothing wrong with your car at the time. Here are some reasons it is a good idea to stay on top of regular maintenance.


  • Saves you money! If you are taking care of your car on a regular basis, that means you aren’t just waiting for a check engine light to come on or a weird noise to start up, then you can save money by doing regular maintenance.  Waiting for there to be a problem will cost more $ out of pocket. While catching something early could save you a lot! Usually when you get your oil changed the technician will do a look over on all the other parts of your car to make sure there isn’t anything coming up.

  • It helps keep you safe on the road! A technician would notice a nail in your tire, or a crack in your rim from hitting that one pesky pothole, or even a belt that is going bad. By not having that part break, you are saving yourself and others on the road with you. Plus the cost of a tow!


  • Regular maintenance records help when it comes time to sell your car. People like knowing what has been done and that the vehicle has been taken care of.

  • Time saver! As with the ones mentioned above, a technician can spot something that could be ready to break, so by them taking care of it, that saves you downtime in the future and possibly saves you from being stuck on the side of the road calling your boss explaining why you will be late!