Apartment life can be great, but if you are forced to stay in as much as possible, the walls may seem like they are closing in at times! Here are some tips on how to pass the time!


1.  Self-Care! You get ready daily like you used to, however, be sure to take some time to take care of yourself. Maybe you don’t leave your yoga pants, but you do your hair and makeup today! You will be surprised at how much better this makes you feel. Plus this could be a great time to try some new hairstyles or makeup trends!

2. Cook at home more! While it is good to help out your local cafes and restaurants, be sure to step up your at-home cooking as well! This is not only healthier, but it gives you a chance to try out new things, and possibly find your new favorite dish!

3. Stay active! Thank goodness for technology when it comes to this part! There are many programs that offer free, subscription, or anything in between for at-home workout programs. Just go out onto YouTube and you are sure to find something! You don’t even need equipment for a lot of them! Just using your body weight is just fine!

4. Binge a new series or catch up on your reading! This is a superb time to find a new series on your favorite streaming service or sit down and read a book. Can’t get out to a book store or are they closed? No problem! There are audible services that will read the books to you, all you have to do is sit back and listen and get sucked into a whole new world!