Here Are Some Activities to do While You and Your Kiddos Are Staying at Home!

  1. Treasure Hunt! Hide some items around the house, make a list or treasure map and let the fun begin!

  2. Take a look at a Beluga Whale at the Georgia Aquarium!

  3. Have a pet? Try teaching them some new tricks!

  4. Bake! Everyone loves sweets! Why not bake some!

  5. Visit Yellowstone National Park….virtually of course! Check it out!

  6. Yellowstone one day Mars the next!! Take a trip into space!

  7. Try setting a recess schedule!

  8. Facetime family!

  9. Start a photo album, digital or mail order, or create a Quarantine Memories Box!

  10. Create flashcards to learn!

  11. Why not learn how to code! Check it out!