Have you thought about car shopping online? What has held you back? Here are some benefits!


You can research a LOT faster and a lot more from behind your computer screen than driving to each dealership and walking the lot! Compare prices, dealership deals, mileages and much more!

Many times dealerships will offer a special Online price!

You don’ have to go out and visit dealerships at night after they close. We know many people do not want to deal with a salesman until they have to, so often times they will wait until the dealership is closed for the day and head out to shop

You can narrow your search down and find the car you are looking for within a certain radius of where you are

Many dealerships in this day and age are even doing the entire sale online, and delivering the car to your home! Wow!

Saves a bunch of time, period!

You can read other shoppers reviews on their experiences with the dealership so you get a feel for who they are before you buy from them


You can look at Fresno Own a Cars inventory of over 330 vehicles anytime 24/7 HERE!