In this time of extreme cleanliness, we are often wiping down everything around us. But there may be a few items you never even thought about cleaning! Take a look at the list below and see how many you may have forgotten about!

  1. Doorframes, these often get overlooked but just think of how many times they get touched!

  2. Remote controls, be sure to get all of them!

  3. Cleaning supplies, such as broom handles, mops, spray bottles. We clean with them, touching them, and probably never think to wipe down the outside of them!

  4. Your cellphone and/or house phone! This one makes my skin crawl thinking of all the germs that could be on it!

  5. Door knobs – of course!

  6. While you are cleaning the remotes, don’t forget about gaming remotes…those can really get nasty!

  7. Light switches

  8. Faucets, sink, and toilet handles

  9. Counters, table surfaces, chairs…seats, backs, and arms.

  10. Keyboards/mouse/other desk components – with many working from home now this is key!

  11. Purses/wallets – don’t forget the bottom of your purse!

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