Stuck at home this Spring Break or want to do something different? Don’t worry! Here are some things to keep you occupied!


Visit a national park! Get out and enjoy nature! Take a hike, explore, take in the fresh air!

Go exploring in your own yard! Create a backyard adventure with things around your house!

Go on a drive-thru safari!

Have an at-home mani-pedi or spa day!

Organize! Ok we know, that doesn’t sound like much fun, but you should take a day of your break to declutter your life, it will help you feel so much better and be ready to go when break is over!

Have a game night! Pick some games, snacks and rule game night!

Movie marathon day! Pop some popcorn and take turns picking movies!

Craft day! Whether it’s painting, drawing, making slime or building birdhouses – get crafty!

Build a fort! Parents can really get into this one! You know you all had some gnarly ones as kids!! Show the kiddos how it is done!


There are many options for Spring Break alternatives! Do you have any?