We have all heard to wash our hands multiple times a day, use hand sanitizer, so on and so on, and you probably have been doing just that. But have you thought about your vehicle?

We go out to the grocery store pick up some items, sanitize before and after then get into our cars and go home. Most of us don’t think about needing to disinfect our vehicles just as we would our homes. Here are some tips to make this a streamlined process.



Keep yourself as clean as possible. Meaning, keep sanitizing before and after going places, but also do it before and after your get out of your vehicle.

Keep a good disinfectant inside your car readily available. The best method for this would be in the form of a disposable wipe.

Be sure to disinfect your car often and thoroughly if you are in it a lot. Make sure to sit in it and get all the places you touch, as well as the passenger side. Then you can just maintain by using the wipes.

Remember with any type of illness, germs can stay on the surface for a certain amount of time, so you will want to get those cleaned as often as possible. If you know you haven’t had a chance to clean your car be sure to at the very least make sure your hands are cleaned when you get out of it.

Things to not forget to sanitize: phone holder, cup holders, radio knobs, touchscreens, seatbelts, passenger side, backseat, accessory buttons, turn signal, mirror, console/glove box, door handles. The best option would be to sit down in your car with a wipe and simulate your daily routine making sure you get all the things you touch. Don’t forget to get your cell phone as well!