Are you in the market for a truck? Unsure what kind you really need? Here are some tips to help you narrow down the many options that are out there!


  • What will it be used for? Do you need to tow with it, if so how big are the things you are towing? These are very important questions because you will not want to spend more money on a large towing capacity truck if you never see yourself needing to tow anything!

  • If you do need it for towing, be sure to think about the towing capacity you will be needing. No sense in buying a truck then finding out it can’t handle what you need it to tow the most. Be sure to check out different brands and compare their towing capacities.

  • Next on your list is how much power do you need? Do you need good fuel mileage? If you only need your truck for small loads, you might be able to get away with a V6 or even a 4 Cylinder, which could save you at the pump.

  • Another very important thing to consider is passenger capacity. Will you ever have passengers in this truck? Will you bring along your best 4 legged buds? If so, make sure you have enough room for them to all be and be comfortable as well. When you are out truck shopping, be sure to hop in the backseat yourself and check it out.

  • Will you need a longer bed than normal? Or will a short box bed do? Consider all the things you could possibly be hauling. You don’t want to be that person with a huge board hanging over the tailgate because you shorted yourself when buying the truck!

  • How about the drive type? Do you absolutely need Four Wheel Drive? If not then no sense in paying more for it.

  • Once you narrow it down, be sure to think about accessories such as bed protection, tonneau cover, side steps, hitch, etc. If you can find a used truck with some of these options already that just helps save down the road!


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