So many people set out to make goals for the New Year, weight loss, eat better, be kinder, etc. How about one of your resolutions be about your vehicle?

If you are like most, we tend to take our cars for granted. Can you be a better car owner? Here are some tips to help you learn how!


Maintenence. Do you regularly maintain your car? Or are you the type that will just place a picture over the lit-up check engine light?! How about this year you make a commitment to be proactive about services. Get regular oil changes and tune-ups. This not only helps your fuel economy and overall car health, but it could help catch issues that could have you stalled on the side of the road later if left unchecked.

Detail. We know, you probably say “hey, I vacuumed it out after I dropped my french fries last month”. We mean Detail it. Whether you spend the money to have a professional do it or you opt to do it your self. Give your car a good deep cleaning. The internet is chock-full of ideas and DIY methods for cleaning those hard to reach places.

Keep the outside clean. While you are cleaning the inside, don’t forget about the outside. Especially if you live in a place that treats the roads in the winter months. Make sure you get that stuff washed off regularly to keep your car looking good as new.

Sun protection. During the hot months, get a windshield sunshade. Not only will you appreciate the temperature difference it makes when you climb in but your dash and rest of the interior will keep looking great longer when kept out of the harmful sun rays.



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