Parking your vehicle in a parking lot, decorating it and handing out candy to the kiddos, in a safe environment, sounds like fun right? This style of trick or treating is becoming more and more popular due to the safety, fun, and creativity it brews up! Here are some tips, and ideas to help you make the best of it!


  • First off – pick a theme for your “trunk” – do you have a favorite movie? character? zombies?! The possibilities are endless. Make a list and weigh out your options and what you could decorate with
  • Think outside the trunk. You can incorporate your bumpers, roof, any part of your car! It doesn’t need to be just your trunk, hatch, or truck bed!
  • Remember power inverters if you have spooky sounds, fog machines or other things that need power!
  • Candy! You can’t forget the candy and something to set it out in! You could spread it out in your car display, have a bowl outside the car or many more choices!

Now get your spook on and have fun!!

Here are some past trick or trunk decorating ideas!




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