Do You Have a New Teen Driver?


The time has come to show the new driver in the house the rules of the road! Buckle up and let’s go over some tips to help the ride go as smooth as possible!


First off, RELAX! Remember any stress you are feeling, they will feel it too so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment! Try to remember back to when you were learning, was there anything that stood out that you would like to do differently? Now is your chance!

Be sure to have the new driver go over the handbook, but also show them why you do things the way you do in the car while you are driving, be sure they are watching you and not just being a zombie on their cell phones while you drive them around. They learn a lot by watching!

When it comes time to show them the ropes, take them to an empty parking lot. That way they can stop, go, stop, go, etc as much as they need to and get an understanding before heading out on the real streets with traffic!

Make sure they are not distracted, have them leave their phones at home or else put it in the glove box and shut off. Keep the radio off and just have them focus on the task at hand.

Try to take them places that will help them learn, does your neighborhood have a round-a-bout? Take them to show them how it is done! How about school zones, or what to do when an ambulance is coming? Try to think of possible scenarios that they could face out there alone. BUT, don’t overwhelm them by throwing all those possibilities at them all at once!

Know what safety features your vehicle has, does it offer Teen Driver or any other built-in technology to help your teen stay safe while on the road?

This type of technology could provide things such as Parental Controls, Pre-set speed limits, Cell Phone Usage Blocking, Backup Cameras and much more. Check our inventory for safety filled vehicles.

There are also many apps you can install to help you keep them safe, they show where they are on a map, let you know if they are speeding or hard braking, as well as using their cell phone. Some can also notify you of a crash.

Take small trips so they can get used to driving, have them drive you around to your errands!

Just remember, you are their coach right now, let them figure things out for themselves but be right there when they need you. The last thing you want is for the lesson to end up with tears or yelling! You are doing great and so are they! Enjoy this new chapter in your lives!