With SUVs and Crossover’s gaining more and more popularity, Minivan sales have dropped off in the last few years. The main factor for this drop in sales is that people just love the versatility and look of the SUV.

Let’s say you are looking for a family vehicle, a few years back the family car was a minivan, but now, there are many options to choose from! Let’s dive into some of those choices!

SUV – With the option of Front Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive or even Four Wheel Drive, these family movers are very versatile. They don’t have sliding side doors but some do offer 3rd-row seating which means they can fit quite a few people! Just in the last few years more and more SUV’s have hit the market, before it may have been just one option per vehicle manufacturer but now they have many SUV options, big and small, sporty, luxurious, and everything in between!

Minivan – Still a top choice for moving people and things around due to its ease of getting in and out of. If you want excellent functionality then the minivan might be the choice for you. They are just limited on how they can look. A minivan, is well, just that. Not too many ways to customize them. However, they are excellent on gas mileage and getting your family from point A to B.

Crossover – Is it a car or SUV, it is the best of both worlds! Generally, an SUV is built on a truck platform meaning it can be taken off-road, whereas a crossover is built on a car platform. There is a gray area here though because many of the SUVs out there use a car-based unibody design yet are called SUV and are marketed for off-road use. So it really comes down to what will you be using it for? Just to get your family from practice to store to school to home? Then you can choose whichever you like!


All of these styles of vehicles come base or can be loaded with DVD entertainment and all the bells and whistles. So it just comes down to your personal taste and how they feel when you are behind the wheel. Your best bet is to get out there and test drive each style and decide what you like best, then dive into the different styles from there!


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